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Jenna Hage-Hassan, Founder & CEO

Jenna Hage-Hassan

Founder & CEO

Jenna obtained her B.S. in Petroleum Studies from the American University of Beirut and her M.S. in Geology at Wayne State University in Detroit. She has listened to graduate students and fellow teachers complain about not having enough hours in the day. With a busy schedule of her own to manage, Jenna is hoping to make other people’s professional and personal lives easier to manage — at the click of a button.

Bradley Dunn, Founder & CTO

Bradley Dunn

Founder & CTO

Bradley received a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, while teaching himself programming in his free time. This self-direction nurtured his natural love of learning, and served him well on his professional journey. As Bradley progressed in his career as a software engineer, he achieved deep technical knowledge in a variety of domains and honed his ability to architect large-scale projects across multiple business domains. He left his position as a Lead Applications Technical Analyst and Software Developer at Wayne State University to join 4Thought Studios full-time.

Kwame Beard, Founder & CIO

Kwame Beard

Founder & CIO

Kwame Beard recently left his position as Applications Project Leader at Wayne State University to join the 4Thought team full time. In his capacity at the University, Kwame was responsible for creating, implementing, and supporting countless systems for the various colleges and institutions. The volume of users that access these systems requires the systems to be intuitive and conducive to productivity. During front-end development, Mr. Beard’s excellent design skills are displayed.

Daniel Warrick, Senior Developer

Daniel Warrick

Senior Developer

Daniel graduated from Wayne State University with a major in Computer Science and a Political Science minor. He has experience with half a dozen programming languages as well as interface design, machine learning and data analytics. These skills have been further cultivated by his involvement in a number of open source projects for clients across the Greater Detroit area.